The Devil Dice

Formed in 1997 in the middle of sins and happenings of Kuta (Bali), Devildice was put together by Jrx (guitar/vocal) and Kuzz (bass), and formerly used the name Culture On Fire, which chose to be cover version of Social Distortion, their favorite old skool rock n roll punk band. With the help of friends in drum and guitar, Culture On Fire entertained the Bali underground music scene.

With Jrx as the drummer and songwriter of Superman Is Dead (SID), gave this band the impression of a ‘halfhearted band’ and comfortable with the status of cover version band.

In 2002, Jrx realized that he had many wrote many songs, which were not the character of SID songs but he could use them as songs of Culture On Fire, which was more dark than SID. He, then decided to be more serious in running his second band. After, there were few personnel changes and the rename of the band to be “Devildice”, eventually Jrx and his friends released their first album ‘In The Arms Of The Angels’ in 2004. This album was produced independently with their own cash and label.

Now (2009), with the formation of Jrx (vocal/guitar), Kuzz (bass), Cash (guitar), T.R (drum), and Mr.F (trumpet), Devildice has performed in variety of music festivals, charity concerts, skate, surf, tattoos, and bike competitions at stadiums, beach, courts, bars, clubs in Bali.

Devildice has also been involved in few environment campaign projects, compilation album, skate video, surf video and many more.

In making music and arts, Devildice is influenced by old ganster/mafia movies, kustom kulture, and the exotic of tropical punk.


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